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My current series of mixed-media paintings investigates the visual portrayal of separate moments in time combined into single images. Unified views are divided into translucent sections through the use of differentiated colors and materials, representing stages of visual phenomenon and time sequences.  In the Wildfire series, these divisions represent time paradoxes present in the stages of an ongoing wildfire event, where a large wildfire can jump from treetop to treetop in seconds, continue to consume and burn for weeks or months, the destruction ultimately succeeded by regrowth. The works in the Mantid series juxtapose illustrative imagery with representations of habitat to portray stages in the assimilation of a non-native species. Combining a visual symbol of a subject with remnants of its environment via collage elements reflects the simultaneity of seeing/not seeing the subject camouflaged in its surroundings; the drawings floating in a layer of acrylic medium above collages of plant matter act as windows that showcase moments of clarity.  The Tinkers Creek series investigates the concept of simultaneity through the telescopic layering of images depicting different time periods of one place. The images are nestled as a series of gradually fading memories, from recent moments of clarity to more ambiguous, darkened, forgotten images. This reflection of time portrays the largest ripples of long ago fading into the darkness while the urgency of the newly formed memories remains clearest.